The Moving Coin

“Coin has two sides.” he says. “Though there’s only one choice, we still have choices, to choose or not to choose.” 
The conversation has been hanging in the air for a while. He’s driving us to our destination, the house by the River Noi. 

I become silent but my active mind won’t agree with him, “Our mathematics minds are not the same. A coin has three sides, the narrow side is forgotten."

 “That’s only an old saying. No one forgets it. Coin doesn’t stand on its edge, you put it up, it falls and one of the wide sides shows.” He makes his point.
 “One side disappears. The coin won’t move.”  I make mine.

 “What’s more important?”
 “Moving forward, the narrow part drives the whole coin and we see all sides.”

 “We’re talking about a chance to choose, aren’t we?” He says with certain voice.
 “Of course, we’re talking about the same thing.”

 “It's difficult balancing oneself on a narrow edge.”
 “Moving forward with few important things in life, yes, it’s difficult but I'm doing it anyway .”

 “Don’t forget, a still coin is still a coin.” He holds my hand.
 “Fantastic phenomenon, it’s so important to me.”

He stops the car, a string of ducks emerge from dense grasses to the roadside. In fact, we will stop for a single duck. That’s okay, the house by the riverbank is waiting for us and it will seem vanished only when we change our plan.

He’s right; though motionless, a coin is still a coin. The car stops. The coin is up on its edge, it goes forward like this running vehicle.   

Vertical or horizontal, a coin is a coin after all.


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