The Bride (translated by The Bride from Thai poem by Jasmine)

Bride & Groom

Bride, this poem belongs to you and for you, nobody else but you.

Therefore, it belongs to me and all who belong to love.

This traditional Thai wedding dress,
made with soft Italian silk,
is merely a dress sitting beautifully on a model.

The chiffon and French lace shawl hangs loosely
forming a sweeping train
that gently brushes the cold marble floor.

The pearl and gold necklace and earrings
remains lifeless in the red velvet box
along with the gold belt.

They patiently wait to be worn,
to come to life,
as it inherits and life and soul of its
wearer, its owner, the bride.

Couple of love,
only rose petals appear in your gaze
as you travel down life's path.

What challenges have you over come,
what experiences shared,
as you journeyed through life,
through time and events,
carefully placed in your memory box.

I imagine the moment in which he waits...
keeping those magical words to himself.
I reminisce of when he revealed, after your graduation,
of his proclamation to your Dad of his intentions
"I would like to court your daughter with intentions of marriage".
Life progresses forward
slowly, unwavering, securely.

Heading in the same direction...
Life's path less winded with each other by their side
One destiny, one path
Until those words were spoken
"Will you marry me?"

The Bride and her grandfather

Bride –
This poem is yours and for you
For this reason, this poem is mine and all the people of love
Leave the past, time, life's lessons, and all your experiences behind
Allow me to remember you, the sparkle in your eyes, your smile
The beauty overflowing from within
As you walk the long carpet that leads to the man of love
... the man of yours

The Groom of the Bride.